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Diwali Tips


A few ideas for spicing up your home and give it a complete new fresh look. Decide on the style you would like to follow contemporary or fusion. Fusion is the buzz word right now globally, it's a style which you can easily blend styles, patterns, textures and surely would lend your home an elite, stylized look.

Before getting started organize your thoughts into the following segments

These are the larger canvas of your home, take each room and identify a wall or two in highlight, generally for the living room it could be your walls behind your seating, the wall on which your flat screen is mounted. In the bedrooms the wall behind your bed would be the best bet. Make sure the walls you select are large surfaces so they show of the wall papers well. If you have a wall which forms the central axis of your home like a wall along any of your main circulation areas, this one would be a good idea to play with. Bring in gold , silvers in subtle prints this add s a very rich flavour . In the bathrooms if you have distinct dry areas wall paper the wall behind the mirror or the wall adjacent to it. The new imported wall papers are of very good quality, they last well so donít be afraid to wall paper your walls. Try and select the same hue as that of the entire room avoid a very strong contrast unless you know your colours very well.

Change the fabric of your sofas, select new curtains, in case you want to skip changing your sofa fabric select a few throw cushions to add accent to the seating. In the bedrooms pick up some interesting bed sets, a personal favourite for this is Adress Home, be bold, select something thatís stunning, let each room have its own identity. If the room has a dark palette select lighter colours for the furnishing and vice versa. If you have a shear and a main curtain, select a plain shear if the curtains are printed.

Add in some ambience lighting, throw in some table lamps on your side tables these could be fusion or contemporary in style they can both fit in well, a slight well scaled lamp adds more interest than a tiny one. If you have space for a corner light add in a suspended or a floor standing light.

Selecting the right accessories is very important these complete your home and add interest to the spaces. Don't try to shop it from one store you need to put in effort here and pick up articles from different places, it needs to fit in perfectly for the space you are selecting it. Be selective, donít clutter the space up pick a few but prominent ones they will do the magic. If you have long counters in the bathrooms pick up some platter for the face napkins, make sure if you have toilet accessories like soap dispensers etc visible, you need to hand pick these too they reflect your personality. Add some smaller accessories here too they give the bathroom a personalized touch.

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