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Planning: layout is the most essential part of design , work out your requirements clearly before getting started , keep the plan functional and uncluttered this gives an open feel. . Plan the living room such that the seating and dining area have their own spaces, if possible plan the seating such that the tv is not cut by circulation .Try and Plan for a cut off lobby and a separate access servants room and the kitchen so that it may be serviced even while you are out

In case of the bedrooms Keep enough circulation space around the beds, provide a separate dressing area , do not use the side table as the dressing area , cause you can use the wall behind the bed to build character . If the space does not permit, provide a full length mirror inside the wardrobe shutters. If possible Plan out for a walk-in closet attached to the master bedroom , plan a seating area in the master bedroom , this can either be a low platform seating or a lounger as per your decor. If possible plan a separate home theater room . In the bathrooms plan distinct wet and dry areas , plan for long counter spaces and personalize it with accessories.

Lighting: When designing the lighting you need to take care of three broad categories, task lighting, mood lighting, and accent lighting . For general lighting use soft indirect lighting this can be done by planning for energy efficient tubes in trays, or coves . Add mood lighting ,using LED in the cove these are long lasting and use minimal power. Also use decorative lights in the form of suspended, wall lights ,or table lamps. Use halogens strategically positioned to accent furniture ,art and accessories. You can use automation systems for creating various preset moods at the touch of a button and control your lighting on wireless remotes Automation working on rf (radio frequency) technology systems enables you to use it comfortably from anywhere in the room without directing the remote to the sensor.

Flooring: For your flooring depending on the decor you can use materials ranging from tiles, Italian marble, composite marble, wood, natural stone mosaics from bisazza or sicis, leather tiles, or even carpets. For a contemporary minimal look use large Spanish tile slabs , marble for an elegant look and solid wood for a rich ,warm ,cozy feel. Mosaics can add grandness to the space, leather tiles for a very understated look . For a larger feel use a single material. If want to build a particular character to a room you may select the material for it accordingly . Add rugs to soften the areas and add texture to the flooring.

Terraces: having a terrace in an apartment in Bombay is a rare commodity . Make it inviting and indulging ! Plan out for a seating on your terrace this could be built in or free standing . There is a variety of outtdoor furniture also available to pick from. You could also plan out for a bar counter for parties . A water cascade can be added , the sound of water is soothing and tranquilizes your mind. U can use an out -door wood, stone, or tiles . To bring in some green ,Use artificial lawn , place some planters strategically on the terrace and use plants which add character and scale to the terrace. Lighting plays a very vital role and can spell magic in the evenings . Add some stone accessories to add interest.

Soft furnishing and accessories: Soft furnishing adds detailing to space and helps in building the decor. If the canvas is neutral bring in clour thru the furnishing or vice versa . Use shears and main curtains , shears filter the sunlight and gives soft light. Drape the curtains from the ceiling it adds scale and grandness to the space .The main curtains can be lined with sun block for a total black-out. For the smaller window roman blinds can be used . Add throw cushion to your seating, dress your beds with exquisite bead coverings to add texture , colour and a dash of richness to the rooms.

Accessories personalize the space, add interest and completes the decor . Be selective with the accessories don't over crowd them and let each piece have its own space for appreciation .Where the space permits add in a few large accessories to add scale and detailing .

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