Kitchen Design


The way to a mans heart is his stomach its said and the way to a woman's heart can we say is a brilliant kitchen. Kitchens are a space where function is of utmost importance never the less with so many Indian and International players in the market functionality has been seamlessly woven into aesthetics that can leave you spell bound. Not only have they exemplified aesthetics but also technology has been explored to the optimum to ensure ergonomic comfort, maximum storage and ease of use .

Some basic fundamentals that need to be kept in mind while planning a kitchen is to plan keeping the working triangle in mind. The simple rule is to connect the preserving area (larders, refrigerator), the washing area (sink, dishwasher) and the cooking area (hob), by means of small triangles. Separate out the wet areas and dry working platform if possible.

The most often used utilities must be stored to the left and right of the cooking range to help quick and easy access. Use the over head storage for things you needn't use on a day to day basis. The tall boy storage systems a personal favorite in vertical storage systems and are very user friendly.

Following the right ergonomic height is very crucial to a good kitchen design To work standing before a worktop that is too low or too high obliges the person to assume incorrect postures that, in the long run, can have serious consequences on physical health design the height depending on an individual user, this way, he/she will work more comfortably. If the room is large enough, a kitchen with an island is the best possible solution in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

It gives you lots of freedom of movement and the pleasure of working looking over the dining area. The island becomes the heart of the kitchen and, together with the ceiling-hung hood and other elements, creates a stunning setting.

Another approach is to use raised counter design idea in standard parallel kitchen, where one of the dry working platforms is designed to raise and converge into a break fast counter.

Kitchen finishes have explored a complete new world of finishes from solid acrylic surfaces, glass, steel, wood, and polyurethane coated surfaces. Salvarani has a eye striking spectrum of colours available.

Taking design to totally different level are seamlessly integrated glass finish hobs to match the glass counter tops from a brand called Valcucine and other gizmos like concealed electric chimneys.

A personal pick is an integrated built in appliance rack accommodating microwave, coffee maker machine, steam all in one unit and passes away for a sleek storage system also from Akruti Living.

Some other brands one may like to explore are Poggen pohl, Hacker and Bulthaup and Alno .

It is very crucial to plan for ample electrical points for all your appliances you can also use power socket tracks this allow a lot flexibility in use. The lighting should be bright , white light is preferable for the kitchens, use under counter lighting systems to have lit counter tops. To create and ambience you may use yellow light at foot level or the overhead storages.

Full body vitrified tiles in large formats are the most apt to use for kitchen floors as they are strong and stain resistant. Though you may also like to explore other finishes like marble or natural stone, the precaution you need to take here is to coat the surface with a sealant, suggest you try the range of sealers imported by Snowcem paints these work on nano -technology and breath too increasing longevity.

Lastly break away from the convention small tile for back splash instead explore steel, glass, or solid acrylic surfaces and continue them from the counter top to the back splash which looks monolithic and bring in a sense of minimal design style to kitchens.

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