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Minimal, Contemporary and Modern.
Are they all the same?


Minimal, Contemporary and Modern. Are they all the same?

We are all swamped with choices today. There are several stores, online portals and other channels where we can purchase items for our homes. Each of them is classified into styles, most often minimal, classic, contemporary or modern. Classic style signifies the age old, decorative homes that we all remember. But how many of us have a crystal clear idea of what the other styles signify? Does minimal, contemporary and modern, mean the same thing? The truth is, that they are quite different. Let's understand each style to help you judge what would be your preference.

Minimalist is the kind of style that showcases beauty in simplicity. The minimalist movement commenced in the 1960s and gained stupendous momentum since then. It propagates the concept of less is more. A minimalist home would thus, have few but high quality and chic furnishings. The emphasis of a spacious minimalist home would be on the shape, colour and the texture. In today's time smart, geometric shapes and the white tone have become very popular. If you like this style, your home will be the perfect culmination of brightness, clean lines, no unnecessary clutter and up to date furniture.

Contemporary style is daring, different and unlike classic design. It includes the latest trends and mixes together natural elements with a new touch. A contemporary home is never dull and is done up in bright hues. Contemporary design also plays with color and includes contrasting shades. Natural light also plays a key role in these spaces. If you wish to have

contemporary home

, it would surely be filled with natural light, and with unexpected elements.

One might argue that modern style can also be called as contemporary style. They do share some common traits such as asymmetry and both are opposites of classic style. However, contemporary style only indicates the trends of "now," whereas

modern design style

can denote any style that took a break from the past. Modern design was born post the Industrial revolution by a group of European designers in 1919. Its philosophy is that a space should be the perfect juxtaposition of form with functionality. Modern style is ideal for small spaces to give them a spacious look. Once you know which style speaks to you, you know what you need your dream home to look like. A dream The Fantinis can help you achieve :)

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