The living room is a reflection of your style and nothing more than the sofa adds panache to this space. The living room sofa is not just about building a style statement but its also about comfort. Depending on the plan of the space and size of the living room the sofa needs to be selected from a variety of configurations. Sofas are available in a wide range of styles and finishes .

The decor of the living room would be the governing factor to help you decide the look of the sofa. Over a general genre minimal and contemporary is what you would opt for however fusion too is a buzz word, while selecting a sofa that's a fusion in style, keep the lines as clean as possible and let the detailing come through in subtler ways. The main sofa seating should have a slight formal or semi formal appeal to it while a secondary or accent sofa can be one a piece. The accent sofa is where the styling may rule over the comfort a bit.

Bringing in some wood through the structure would add in that added warmth specially if you are one of those who feels wood is timeless, however if the decor speaks predominantly of wood you could break it off by picking up a sofa that's all leather or fabric or even bring in some steel in the structure as wood is one material which blends in beautifully with all of these.

Ergonomically its very important to check the comfort the sofa offers as one would tend to spend long hours sitting either while just lounging, entertaining guests or catching up on an exciting movie. The easiest way to do this is to get a first hand experience of it and incase its being imported take your suppliers guidance. The depth of a sofa plays a vital role in the comfort level if it's a formal primary seating the depth should be just about comfortable to get back support while you are seated. For a casual seating you can choose a deeper sofa which allows you to kick your feet up and couch also layering it up with throw cushions creates a very a cozy and inviting heir about it, aucontraire to this you can even have a slim sofa more like a lounger.

The fabric or leather that wraps the sofa is the larger visual appeal of the sofa. For the main seating work with softer colours. The colour pallete can be deep, neutral colours, contrasting or complimentary to the colour of the room decor. The accent sofa could speak of a strong colour idea but needs to well coordinated with the rest of the colours. Leather always adds in an element of luxury and chic style, a wide range of synthetic leathers are available in the most spectacular colors and textures.

Fabrics always an edge over synthetic leather in comfort specially in countries with a humid climate. Fabrics too offer a gamut of choices in colour spectrum and weave Fabrics can be teflon coated which offer a protective layer to keep them easy on maintenance.

Sofas could be contemporary, modern, classical, or fusion styles.

Fendi, Cavalli, Aramani Versace, Disel, Kenzo are fashion houses of world but are also largely involved in designing and manufacturing exclusive home furniture. like wise there are brands which are know for furniture & design concepts. Like minotti, edra, ver design, longhi, smania and many more.

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